Hillary’s (Ahem…) Experience

October 18, 2007

I liked Mayor Giuliani’s response to the question about Hillary’s “experience” during Sean Hannity’s interview with Judith and he the other night. (Rudy and Judith on Hannity Part 3 of 3) “What experience?” was basically his response.

Hillary’s trying to parlay the fact that she hung around the West Wing for eight years with no real responsibility and no legal authority, as her “experience.” And if we’re to believe the polls, many voters are swallowing that line. Mayor Giuliani should use Hillary’s “experience” ruse to his advantage. In the general, he should ask Hillary what her advice was when American interests were being hit about a half dozen times by terrorists during Bill Clinton’s tenure in office; what counsel she gave as the US economy started to sink into recession in 2000; what authority she had to do anything during those eight years?

Bill Clinton’s presidency was one of the most frivolous and inconsequential presidencies in modern times. Does she want to take credit for that? If anything, her “experience” in the Clinton White House should disqualify her from having the presidency on her own.

Greg Alterton


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