Ditto: “Why The Conservatives Like Rudy” — Jennifer Rubin

September 4, 2007

I just wanted everyone to see the great article by Jennifer Rubin in the New York Observer today, entitled “Why the Conservatives Like Rudy.”

Heading into the post-Labor Day sprint to the primaries, Rudy Giuliani has utterly defied the pundits who predicted that Republican voters would never accept a twice divorced, pro-choice New Yorker.

Rather than wilt, Mr. Giuliani has cemented his lead in national polls and in South Carolina—one of the most conservative states in the country. The latest Diageo/Hotline poll shows that he not only leads his closest competitor Fred Thompson by 10 points, but also leads among Evangelicals by the same margin and is up by six points among voters who believe abortion should be banned entirely.

Why did the pundits and many conservative critics get it so wrong, and why is Mr. Giuliani scoring so well with died hard conservatives?
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I would also add that on top of Rudy’s commitment to appointing justices to the Supreme Court who will interpret the Constitution as it was meant to be interpreted (read between the lines: be more likely to see through the judicial faux paux that is Roe v. Wade), Rudy also sides with us pro-lifers on all of the relatively few areas where a President can possibly influence the abortion debate:

President Giuliani will:

  • Maintain the Hyde Amendment, which restricts almost all federal funding for abortions.
  • Maintain the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.
  • Maintain parental notification laws.
  • Work with private organizations and faith-based groups to make concrete statistical reductions in abortion, promote adoption as an alternative, and ensure that all women are fully educated about the benefits of putting their baby up for adoption instead of abortion, before they make a choice.
  • Cut the red tape involved in the adoption process, bring in more case workers, and make permanent a $10,000 tax incentive to promote adoptions.
  • Make federal abortion statistics more up-to-date so the American People can keep him accountable on his promise to reduce abortions.
    (See here for more.)

Not only does Rudy hold the line on all the greatest successes of the pro-life movement in recent decades, he goes above and beyond, making the saving of actual unborn lives a priority.


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