Why Pro-Lifers Should Support Rudy

May 28, 2007

Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice, short and sweet.  So why should pro-life Republicans support him for President?  Because, while he supports a woman’s right to choose, he personally feels that abortion is the wrong choice.

Interestingly enough, Rudy has a solid anti-abortion record as a public official.  While Mayor of New York City, Giuliani discouraged abortions and promoted alternatives like adoption.  As a result, the NYC adoption rate rose 17% over the course of his two terms, while the NYC abortion rate dropped an equally impressive 17%.  This was an even bigger decline than the nationwide drop of 14.8% during the same period.  Most importantly of all, Medicaid funded abortions in NYC dropped by 23% during Giuliani’s administration.  After Giuliani left office?  The downward abortion trend upended as the pro-choice policy maker Mayor Bloomberg took the reins.

How else, other than promoting adoptions, did the Giuliani administration push down the abortion rate so effectively?  Many attribute it to the atmosphere of hard work, accountability, and personal responsibility that Rudy’s policies fostered in New York City.  As Mayor, he got 60% of New York’s welfare recipients off the rolls, and restored to them the dignity of self-sufficiency.  He restored economic prosperity to the city by reducing the citizens’ tax burden by 20%.  He re-energized the city’s education system (the largest in the nation), bringing in 13,000 new teachers and increasing school funding by $4 billion.  He created a far brighter, far more hopeful atmosphere, slashing crime and homicides by 57% and 64%, respectively.  All this led to a city where more people were taking responsibility for their actions, more people were thinking ahead and investing in their future, more people were educated and able to make better choices, and more people felt hopeful about the kind of world a child could be raised in.  As a result of all these factors, tens of thousands of children who would have otherwise been terminated, had abortion rates continued at their pre-Giuliani rates, were not.

Giuliani, as a policy maker, has been strongly anti-abortion.  So, how does that play out in the ballpark of the Presidency?

There are really only two ways in which a President has influence on the abortion issue.

1). Through the kind of Supreme Court nominees he or she would appoint.
2). Through the passing or vetoing of certain legislation that would come across his or her desk.

How would Giuliani, as President, handle these roles?

He would handle the Supreme Court nomination process by nominating strict constructionists with strong conservative backgrounds.  As far as ideal Supreme Court nominees, Rudy has repeatedly named Roberts, Alito, and Scalia.  The next President of the United States will likely have the opportunity to nominate two Supreme Court justices.  Two more constructionist judges would tip the scales of the Court to conservative, and open the door for Roe v. Wade to be overturned for the first time in decades.

But let’s be realistic about Roe v. Wade.  The overturning of Roe v. Wade does not mean the criminalization of abortion in America.  It merely throws the abortion issue back to each of the individual states to decide.  This federalist system is exactly the way Giuliani would prefer (and exactly the way the father of American conservatism, Barry Goldwater, preferred it).

Secondly, on all the key pieces of legislation, Rudy remains staunchly anti-abortion.  For instance, Rudy is in favor of the Hyde Amendment, which severely restricts federal funding for abortion, and he is also in favor of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.  There can be no doubt that if those laws come across his desk as President, he will uphold them.

So, basically, how would a President Giuliani operate on the abortion issue?  The same exact way all the previous Republican Presidents have operated: He would nominate more Robertses, Alitos, and Scalias to the Supreme Court, he would keep partial birth abortion illegal, and he would keep tax-payer dollars out of abortion clinics.

The abortion issue is a non-issue when it comes to Rudy Giuliani.

The real question is, then: Why not just nominate someone who stamps themself simply “pro-life,” without delving into the intricacies of it?

Because abortion is not the only issue we elect our President on.  Elections are about choosing the candidate who can most efficiently solve the core problems in how our government works.  And when the full range of issues is taken into account–the size and scope of government, taxes and fiscal management, the strength of our national defense, our posture on the international stage, the health care, education, and Social Security systems, the energy crisis–Rudy Giuliani is the candidate most qualified to take on the job.

Giuliani is the best guy for the office, and pro-lifers should not feel that they are sacrificing the abortion issue for the sake of all the others.  They’re not.  President Giuliani will reduce abortions, nominate conservative judges to overturn Roe v. Wade, and keep all the reasonable restrictions upon them that we now have.  But a Democrat won’t.

Josiah Schmidt


2 Responses to “Why Pro-Lifers Should Support Rudy”

  1. You could have titled this: “Why Prolifers Should Not Care About Abortion.”

    “President Giuliani will reduce abortions, nominate conservative judges to overturn Roe v. Wade, and keep all the reasonable restrictions upon them that we now have.”

    It is interesting you assume the judges he nominates will overturn Roe, when he continues to state that judges he nominates could go either way on the issue.

    “But a Democrat won’t.” Here lies your false dichotomy. You expect us to believe that no pro-life Republican can beat Hillary. I call BS.

  2. soconsforrudy Says:


    In no way have I (or have I meant to) imply that pro-lifers should not care about abortion. That would be oxymornic. If we didn’t care about abortion, we wouldn’t be pro-lifers. All that I’m suggesting is that pro-lifers be A). realistic about how much influence the office of the Presidency has on the abortion debate, B). realistic about where we can have the most chance for success in saving unborn children (on the federal level or the state level), and C). realistic about what issues and characteristics should be most important in choosing our next Republican nominee and President.

    The reality is:

    A). All that a President can do to influence the abortion debate is to use the influence they have to discourage abortion and promote adoption as an alternative, uphold reasonable restrictions on abortion (like Hyde, the PBA Ban, parental notification, etc.), and nominate strict constructionist judges whose judicial philosophy allows them to see through the farce that is Roe v. Wade, which will be our best shot at having it overturned. As for your faith in Rudy’s judicial appointments (http://www.joinrudy2008.com/commitment.php?num=9), you need look no further than the men and women Rudy has chosen to guide him on such matters, which includes such sterling conservative names as Ted Olson, Miguel Estrada, Maureen Mahoney, Steven Calabresi, etc. (http://www.joinrudy2008.com//news/pr/447/)
    B). Our best success in saving unborn lives is going to be on the state level, not the federal level. When we give a few people in D.C. the right to ban abortion, we also give a few people in D.C. the right to legalize abortion. This government does, and historically has, functioned best in a federalist system that delineates as much power to the states as possible under the Constitution. That’s where the abortion debate should be taking place.
    C). Considering how little effect the Presidency has (and was intended to have) on issues like abortion, we should be taking a much wider array of serious issues into account in 2008. In electing the Commander-in-Chief, we are not so much determining the future of abortion in this country as we are determining our national defense, global posture, economic policy, and the size and efficiency of the federal government. Those are the powers and duties of the Presidency, not deciding whether or not abortion will be legal or illegal. We should be looking for a President who will keep us on offense in order to keep us safe and strong, who will forge ties with other responsible and developed democracies in order to promote freedom, who will slash taxes and embrace free trade, and who will cut the size of government and make it work again.

    I believe, with good reason, that Rudy Giuliani is the man best prepared to do those things.

    Finally, I believe you have misinterpreted what I was attempting to convey when I said: “President Giuliani will reduce abortions, nominate conservative judges to overturn Roe v. Wade, and keep all the reasonable restrictions upon them that we now have. But a Democrat won’t.”

    I was addressing those who suggested that social conservative and pro-life Republicans may and/or should stay home and not vote if Rudy Giuliani earned the Republican presidential nomination (a la James Dobson). What I was saying was that if Rudy wins the nomination, pro-lifers sitting out the election cycle would be a horrible mistake on so many levels. If a Democrat gets elected, he/she will take no action to reduce or discourage abortions, he/she will probably not uphold the Hyde Amendment, the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, or other such laws, and he/she will (most frighteningly) nominate liberal judges to the Supreme Court that may be there for decades to come (the next President may have the chance to nominate as many as FOUR new Supreme Court justices).

    A President Giuliani however, on all the issues of importance in regards to a President’s power over abortion in America, is functionally pro-life. He will be just as good, if not better, for the pro-life cause than past Republican Presidents (even Reagan was spotty on judicial appointments!), and that should be taken into proper account.

    Hope this clears things up for you.

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